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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Got Off Grid Solar Thermal? Free Hot Water Does Now

Posted on by Solar Fred

Many of us who live in big cities and modern infrastructure take our hot water for granted. We turn on the tap, and hot, warm, or cold water comes flowing out without a problem. But the same can’t be said … Continue reading

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Coalition Starts Campaign to Add Solar Thermal to Massachusetts APS

Posted on by Solar Fred

Perhaps not surprisingly, solar hot water has been left out of renewable energy mandates in Massachusetts. But a new coalition of thermal energy advocates has started a new campaign to change that. With a state renewable portfolio standard (RPS), a … Continue reading

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5 Examples of Prisons Being Liberated…by Solar Hot Water

Posted on by Solar Fred

Just as apartment building owners are seeing the advantages of installing solar hot water, more and more prisons-especially rural prisons-are also realizing just how liberating solar water heating can be for their state budgets. Like apartment buildings and hotels, correctional … Continue reading

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Case Study: California Laundromat Washes Away High Hot Water Bills with Solar Water Heating

Posted on by Solar Fred

Woody’s Laundromat is a neighborhood institution for residents seeking a clean and convenient laundry facility in the Lake Merritt area of Oakland, California. As the 2009/2010 winner of the OneCalifornia Foundation’s OaklandIndie Award, Woody’s was named a Neighborhood Dynamo, and … Continue reading

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