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5 Reasons To Follow Free Hot Water On Twitter and Facebook.


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For anyone who’s read the Free Hot Water blog regularly, you know we don’t just try to “sell, sell, sell” to you.  Instead, this blog always tries to offer you, our solar installer partners and distributors, useful information that you can use for your own solar businesses.

However, Facebook and/or Twitter are other communication tools we use, but we understand that you might be hesitant to add another social network to your life. So, here are 5 reasons why you should follow Free Hot Water on Facebook and Twitter:

1) More good solar info without spam. Monday through Friday, we Tweet and post solar news articles to our Facebook page several times a day. These “Tweets” aren’t about what we’re having for lunch, but always contain information about the general solar industry and events. For example, we recently alerted our readers that there were free Intersolar tickets available, and then we blogged about it too, and posted on Facebook.

2) Community interaction. Sure, if you had questions about solar, you could always email or contact us via phone. But when you do it in a public forum like Twitter or Facebook, your question can be answered by us or even by our community of solar installers and fans, who may also answers to your questions….or have questions that you can help answer.

3) Watch and learn social media from us. If you want to learn about Twitter, Facebook, and other social media techniques for your own solar businesses, then here’s a chance to watch what we do and adapt for own programs.  After a while, you’ll see how we’ve grown to have the highest Alexa ranking of any solar thermal company.  (Go to Alexa.com and see how your company ranks.)

4) Learn about discounted special offers. Occasionally, we have special sales that last for a limited time. If you’re signed up and listening in on our Tweets or Facebook posts, you won’t miss these limited time offers.

5) Solar advocacy. At Free Hot Water, we’re solar advocates. That is, if there’s some kind of solar legislation pending, we follow it and let you know the news and whether you can send a quick email via Votesolar.org, SEIA, or other organizations.  While the solar industry is growing, we still need all of our voices to step up when there’s a call to action. Following us is one way to contribute to the effort.


Of course, if you don’t follow us on Facebook and Twitter, then bookmark our blog, or you can always sign up for our Free Hot Water monthly e-newsletter for a round up of our latest blog posts. In addition, we have a Free Hot Water iPhone App that feeds solar news and blogs from a total of 11 sources, such as RenewableEnergyWorld.com and Greentechmedia.com.

Finally, another easy way to read good solar info from our Twitter fans is to bookmark the Free Hot Water Solar Daily.  It’s formatted like a newspaper, so there’s no need to learn anything about Twitter…but we hope you will.


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