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A New Solar Hot Water Web Resource: SolarThermalBiz.com

We’d like to think that the Free Hot Water Blog and our various online solar calculators are the only resource on the web for solar installers.

Of course, that’s not the case at all. Thankfully, for our industry, there are numerous informative resources for the solar thermal business.

The latest one we’ve found is SolarThermalBiz.com. It’s a news and info source developed by Eneref, a research and advocacy group devoted to growing sustainable building and technology.

In fact, each year Eneref Institute authors the Solar Thermal Market Report published in Solar Industry magazine, so if you have seen that report, thank the Eneref people. (The 2011 report can be downloaded here.)

Their new site, SolarThermalBiz.com is genuinely devoted to promoting and providing resources to the solar thermal business. There, you’ll find links to solar water heating events, solar thermal news, opinion, as well as free reports from Eneref researchers, as well as other organizations.

I hope you’ll read and spread the word about SolarThermalBiz.com. The more information  and resources solar hot water installers have, the better they’ll be able to compete and get the attention that the industry desperately needs to thrive in the Untied States.

So, don’t wait. Bookmark it now, spread the word on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, and take advantage of this great solar business resource.


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4 Responses to A New Solar Hot Water Web Resource: SolarThermalBiz.com

  1. Thanks guys for the kind words. Eneref Institute’s Solar Thermal Advantage initiative is designed to promote the adaptation of solar heating and cooling. Considering how efficient and affordable it is, solar heating and cooling technology receives far too little media attention. We believe it’s imperative that Eneref helps the industry change that.

  2. Solar Fred says:

    Keep up the great work, Seth!

  3. paul kramer says:

    As a cycling advocate, I’m interested in alternate energy sources and I’ve been following the work of Eneref Institute for some time. Glad you’ve discovered them to and have passed the word along.

    Paul Kramer

  4. Solar Fred says:

    Thanks, Paul. We’re cycling advocates too…. or at least I am. :)