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A New Way to Save at the (Electric) Pump and Still Maintain Hot Water Circulation

Free Hot Water just discovered a new way for commercial buildings to save on their electric utility bills—and it’s not just for solar water heating systems. The solution works for any building.

The situation: Most commercial building owners pay a huge amount in electric costs due to a hot water circulation pump that runs 24/7. The circulation pump ensures that every faucet has steaming hot water running through the hot water pipes, reducing or eliminating the need to run the tap for a few minutes while the  hot water travels from the tank to the faucet.

While these systems are convenient and save on water bills, circulation pumps are also energy intensive and use a great deal of electricity to run all day and night. But what if you didn’t have to run the pump 24/7, but only when it was needed? The solution is a temperature sensitive pump controller.

Free Hot Water’s new FHWH-CTDST-932PR differential temperature controller is designed to turn on or off building hot water pump(s) only when circulation is needed, thus saving electricity.

The temperature controller works by sensing the temperatures of the water going out of the heating system, (T1), and of the temperature of the water returning (T2). When this differential temperature (T2-T1) is higher than a set value (delta-T), the Free Hot Water Controller will switch on the pump.

There are many advantages to adding this temperature controller: First, you stop wasting electricity and gas un-necessarily. Second, you stop the wear and tear on your pipes, circulating water only when needed.

Ultimately, you can reduce your heat energy loss and save 70% to 90% of the electricity used to run existing recirculation pumps. With increased hot water efficiency, owner payback time can be less than 1 year.

Other features include:

  • Reliable Digital Electronic Accuracy, LED indicates output relay status.
  • Easy-to-Read Digital Display – displays sensor and functional status.
  • Precise differential temperature settings.
  • Simple programming of differential set point temperature and (hysteresis) differential.
  • Set point can be adjusted easily without going into programming mode.
  • A tighter differential can be achieved (eg. 1F or 1C) than conventional electromechanical controls.
  • Anti-Freeze protection, Over Heat Protection
  • Anti-Short Cycle Delay to ensure the output relay remains off for up to 254 secs to avoid unnecessary hard start and equipment wear.
  • User selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit scales
  • Lockout switch to prevent tempering by unauthorized personnel
  • Two universal sensors P-01/P-02 are supplied with the control. Solid state temperature sensor probe can be extended up to 500 feet.
  • Easy installation

While the system works for any commercial building, it can also be integrated into commercial solar thermal applications, as well.

Questions about this new product or anyone else? Please feel free to contact us at info@freehotwater.com.


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