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Announcing New Made-in-USA OG-300 Solar Thermal Kits

In case you missed the news, we recently announced new OG-300 residential solar thermal kits with U.S. solar collectors. The new OG-300 kits include either Sun Earth, Inc, FHW-OG-300Solene, Alternate Energy Technologies (AET), or Solar Skies OG-100 collectors, depending on the customer’s region.

At Free Hot Water, we know how shipping costs for solar collectors can significantly raise the final cost, decreasing a solar installer’s bottom line. By partnering with these four U.S. solar collector manufacturers to create new OG300 systems, we’re now able to reduce the shipping costs for our solar installer clients.

Collectively, our new collector manufacturer partners have warehouses that cover the four corners of the U.S., making it very easy to have the collectors shipped directly—and sometimes locally—from the manufacturer. At the same time an OG-300 order is placed, the smaller and less bulky Balance of the System items are immediately shipped from our San Jose, California warehouse.

Additionally, complete OG-300 systems are now available for pick up at several locations throughout the country. Of course, we continue to carry our existing, high quality Green OneTec collectors for shipping from California. never been more app

All of Free Hot Water’s new OG-300 systems are certified the SRCC and can be ordered with options for installing on a flat roof or a pitched roof.

Kits also include:

  • Either two or three certified OG-100 solar thermal collectors.
  • An IAPMO-certified storage tank with a solar heat exchanger.
  • A pump station with differential controller.
  • Easy-to-assemble racking for either flat or pitched roofs.
  • Freeze protection via a closed loop glycol system.
  • Braces, bolts, and hardware for installation.
  • Complete set of instructions for installation.
  • Free Hot Water customer care via email or phone.

Free Hot Water OG-300 systems have 10-year warranty on collectors, as well as limited warranties on other components.For larger commercial applications, we also have pre-engineered solar kits with up to 64 OG-100 collectors—ideal for apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants, Laundromats, and nursing homes.

As always, if you have questions about our new OG-300 kits, or want to know more about our commercial and industrial solar thermal engineering services, please contact us.


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2 Responses to Announcing New Made-in-USA OG-300 Solar Thermal Kits

  1. Tim Brophy Const. says:

    Will you please provide me the current OG-300 systems contractors costs. Also additional single collector costs as well.
    Thank you,

  2. Solar Fred says:

    Tim, our prices are not public, but they’re very competitive. Please set up an account at this link below, and you’ll be able to see prices of everything in our catalog, including all of our OG-300 systems and our OG-100 collectors.

    Solar Fred