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Are You a Certified Free Hot Water Installer … Yet? Now’s the Time.

How to become a solar hot water installer

Are you a Certified Free Hot Water installer… yet?

In Free Hot Water’s continuing effort to get more attention and promote higher standards for solar hot water heating, the company has established a new recognition program for solar thermal installers.

To launch the program, we’re focusing on installers in Northern California where our head quarters is based. In addition to added brand recognition, Free Hot Water will assist with lead generation, design, engineering, and solar collector selection for the application. We work with any preferred OG-300 system or OG-100 collectors.

More details:

To become a Certified Free Hot Water Solar Thermal Installer:

  • You must have an applicable contractors license in good standing from California and meet any further state or local requirements for installing a solar thermal system. 
  • You must have taken California’s one day class to qualify for the CSI-Thermal (California Solar Initiative- Thermal) rebate program.
  • You must be a current Free Hot Water client or establish a Free Hot Water commercial account and fill out the required information.

Advantages for solar hot water installers:

  • Once approved, Certified Free Hot Water  installers will  receive our discounted contractor pricing for solar collectors, solar storage tanks, pre-engineered solar thermal systems, blueprint and engineering services, and many other quality solar thermal products and services in our catalog .
  • Certified Free Hot Water Installers receive invitations to bid on referrals (free leads!).
  • Access standard bid package/permit drawings for most systems from our e-commerce
  • Recognized contractor branding as a “Certified Free Hot Water Installer.”
  • As solar thermal engineers and designers, Free Hot Water is brand neutral and can work with any SRCC rated OG-300 system or a number of OG-100 collector manufacturers. If you would like your collectors represented, please contact us.

View a 3 Collector Solar Water Heating System Blueprint Example (PDF).

So, get outside recognition as a Certified Free Hot Water installer now, especially if you’re in PG&E territory in California, where the CSI Thermal rebate amount has just been increased! 

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