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California businesses that will benefit most from solar water heating

This California Hospital is Ready for Solar

According to a report by the California Center for Sustainable Energy, California businesses waste a lot of money and natural gas by not using California’s abundant sun to heat water with solar energy. What’s more, a new rebate program gives natural gas heated commercial or multifamily buildings up to $500,000 towards the cost of a solar thermal system.

So who could benefit most from this program? According to the report, here are the types of business that use the most natural gas to heat their business’ hot water needs.

  • Lodging, such as hotels, condos, and apartment buildings. Generally, hot water is included in rents and room rates, but that doesn’t mean owners don’t pay thousands of dollars toward every bathroom, kitchen, and shower.
  • Health, such as hospitals, nursing homes. Again, this is like
  • Restaurants, such as… well, McDonalds, The Olive Garden, and every Starbucks around the corner. Imagine cleaning those dishes and wracks from Free Hot Water from the sun.
  • Schools. Think about all of those cafeterias, athletic pools, and hot showers for those athletes
  • Colleges. Similar to the needs of a school, but also the needs of a hotel. Dorm rooms, cafeterias, and athletic facilities all use hot water, 24/7. That’s a lot of wasted gas if it could come from the sun.
  • Large office buildings. There are at least two bathrooms on every floor with multiple sinks to wash hands with hot water. And man, does California have a lot of office towers with (thankfully) hygienic employees.

So why aren’t more of these California businesses going solar? With the new incentive, the problem is no longer the cost. Between the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit, as well as new California state incentives, upfront costs are paid back in savings in a very short time. So if it’s not cost, it’s awareness, and that’s where we come in.

First, use our easy-to-use calculator to get an estimate of what a solar hot water system will save you. That calculator is very informative, and yet, it’s just a calculator.

For your business to benefit from these savings, you really need to contact us for a free site assessment and find out if a solar water heating system is right for your roof and hot water needs. In sunny California, there’s a very good chance that it is.

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