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Reader question: Can I get any solar rebates or solar tax credits retroactively?

Question: Can I get any solar rebates or tax credits retroactively?

Bill writes:

Hey Solar Fred,

I recently find your blog/web site and have the following question:

Q. I remodeled my California house in 2006 – took it down to the 2X4’s and new construction with 2×6, solar thermal, on-demand H2O, etc. I was able to get the marginal state rebates at the time when I filed my 2006 taxes. Based on some of the comments on your site, I am rigth to think that I can get some additional rebates IF my equipment is on the approved list?



Solar Fred Answers:


Hate to tell you that you installed your solar system too early to qualify for any more solar thermal or solar PV rebates, but… that’s the case. To qualify for the new California solar water heating rebates, you must have installed your system after 7/15/09.

As to the Federal 30% investment tax credit, again, you must have installed your solar system after 1/1/09 to qualify for that tax credit.

The best authority for all of the requirements for all 50 states and the Feds are on the DSIRE website.

That being said, on behalf of California, thanks for being an early adopter and going solar anyway.


Solar Fred

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