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Cool Video: How a 4×10 AET Solar Collector Is Made

AE solarcollector diagram

Exploded View of an AET Solar Collector
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Often, we take completed manufactured products for granted. Whether it’s an iPhone, a toaster, or a solar collector, we may not comprehend how much engineering, machine-work, and manpower goes into the manufacturing process of the common things we use and work with every day. For example, solar collectors.

This comprehensive 13 minute video, below, was made by AET solar, and it reveals the entire manufacturing process of making one of the company’s 4×10 OG-100 solar collectors. The collectors are U.S.-made in AET’s manufacturing facilities in Green Cove Springs, Florida. This video shows in detail all of the machines and processes that go into making a quality solar collector, from the copper absorber plate to the final product. It’s impressive–at least for solar thermal engineers, but we hope for anyone.


As solar thermal engineers and distributors, Free Hot Water works with a variety of solar collector manufacturers for both residential and commercial applications, and AET Solar is one of the collector manufacturers we use for our new OG-300 systems, as well as for commercial OG-100 projects.

We hope this video is not only educational about solar collector manufacturing, but also assures our solar installer and engineering clients that the Free Hot Water selects and partners with quality manufacturers from the United States and around the world.  

If you have any questions about AET Solar collectors, prices for dealers, or solar thermal engineering services, please contact us.


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