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For your convenience: New pre-packaged systems for small commercial solar applications

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A few months ago, a few of us were talking around the ol’ Free Hot Water water cooler about how commercial solar hot water systems weren’t like residential systems.

While SRCC-OG-300 residential systems come in a nice rebate-ready packages based on the number of household members, commercial systems usually have to be custom engineered and designed.

We’ve discussed why commercial packages aren’t usually cookie-cutter in earlier blog posts, but then we started thinking that there were some aspects that could be pre-packaged for small commercial applications. So, our COO, Paul Burrowes, got to work getting together everything you might need to install a small commercial solar system for say, a restaurant or small apartment building.

The result is our new pre-package commercial solar water heating solutions for small commercial applications. These flat roof and pitched roof systems range from a 6-panel system with a single storage tank for customers who need 171-330 gallons per day (GPD) of hot water to a 12-panel system designed for 616-800 GPD applications. All systems include all of the related components to complete a typical installation. Check out our quick sizing chart.

While these systems are indeed “pre-engineered,” there still may be some components that will have to be purchased separately based on the projects roof or current water heating system, but for the most part, it’s one-click solar shopping.

Naturally, for larger commercial systems, you can always rely on Free Hot Water’s in-house engineering team to create customized designs for any solar thermal application, including solar space heating and cooling.

To see the retail pricing of these systems, register at shop.freehotwater.com.

If you’re not already a Free Hot Water distributor and would like to see our competitive wholesale pricing, please complete this form for approval.

Any other questions about these systems, please contact us at info@freehotwater.com.

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