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Free Hot Water Encourages Silicon Valley and Northern California Homeowners to Go Solar Thermal

OG-300 Solar Thermal System

Now that California’s CSI thermal program has been reinvigorated with higher rebates for California home owners, Free Hot Water is beginning a new campaign to get the word out about the financial benefits of solar hot water for homes and residences, starting with the communities of Los Altos Hills and Portola Valley.  The campaign will eventually be rolled out to Northern California and beyond..

What can these eco-conscious residents of this targeted market expect from the increased state rebates? A lot.

Under the revised incentive structure, retroactive to July 3, 2012, the rebate rate for single-family homes has been increased by 45% (from $12.82 to $18.59 per Therm) for the first wave of homeowners who take advantage of the solar hot water rebate.

What does that mean for California homeowner? The actual rebate amount depends on the size of the system purchased; i.e., two solar panels or three, and the size of the corresponding solar pre-heat storage tank. However, the state estimates that the average homeowner will receive $2,175, (maximum residential rebate $2700), which is typically processed by the solar water heating installer. Previously, the average rebate was just $1500, and the maximum you could receive was $1800.

In addition to the CSI Thermal rebate, homeowners will receive an additional 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (30% ITC) off the cost of the installed system. (See the link for more information and IRS tax forms.)

So, between state and federal rebates, homeowners can receive over 50% towards the cost of their solar hot water system.

Want to save more? For a limited time, Free Hot Water is providing a free service to help obtain the necessary permits in the targeted cities, as well as further lower the out of pocket cost to homeowners by providing rebate financing. While Free Hot Water is not a solar hot water installer, our company designs and engineers systems using a variety of collector manufacturers based on the specific application. An OG-300 certified system is required under California’s CSI Thermal/ “Water Heated By the Sun” rebate program.

So, through our new solar hot water residential program, you can purchase an approved OG-300 solar thermal kit and required blueprints directly from Free Hot Water and receive a significant discount. Then let Free Hot Water refer you to one of our Bay Area certified partner installers, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Get more details on this program for Los Altos residents and the surrounding area by contacting breene@freehotwater.com or give us a call at (408) 432-9900.

 More general info here from PG&E about the benefits of solar water heating:





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