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Free Hot Water Is Now Designing and Manufacturing Large Outdoor Commercial Skid Pump Stations

Free Hot Water is now manufacturing custom commercial outdoor skid pump stations at our San Jose, California headquarters. These high volume solar thermal pump stations are designed and engineered for commercial and industrial applications, such as heating hot water for multi-unit housing, food processing, breweries, wineries, laundry facilities, and other high volume commercial applications.


An example of one of our latest solar thermal skid pump station designs is shown. It was recently installed with a large solar thermal array at a correctional facility. This 3” outdoor rated pump station includes an external heat exchanger, two vertical multistage centrifugal pumps, and an integrated controller. When completed, it will be part of a new wave of cost effective solutions for reducing a prison’s hot water and space heating bills.

For this particular unit, Free Hot Water’s engineers selected 3.5 horse power Grundfos vertical multistage centrifugal pumps and integrated a 50-plate single-wall heat exchanger with 2.5” connections and a cross flow. The pump station was engineered to provide over 100 GPM flow on both circuits..

“We truly see solar thermal skid pump stations and solar thermal arrays becoming a new standard for efficient, cost-effective commercial heating and hot water solutions,” said Gal Moyal, Free Hot Water’s chief engineer. “As natural gas prices fluctuate and inevitably rise, solar thermal is becoming the most predictable and economical way to heat water for commercial and industrial buildings.”

If you’re a solar thermal installer, architect, or developer considering solar thermal solutions for apartment buildings, prison facilities, hotels, or food processing, contact Free Hot Water’s engineers about ways to integrate these new commercial skid pump stations for your projects.

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