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Free Hot Water Offers Free Solar Hot Water System to the White House and We Mean It.

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Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. It’s also the day that Free Hot Water publicly revealed that it was part of 17 solar companies and solar professionals offering free solar to the White House.

Why is this initiative so important? Why should you care? Because solar needs public champions and symbols more than ever. If you turn on the radio or watch t.v., you’ll see green-washed oil, gas and coal companies spending millions of dollars to tell you that they’re not so bad, that their pollution of our water and environment is just the cost of doing business and providing energy.

Companies like Free Hot Water don’t have multimillion dollar advertising machines to tell consumers that solar hot water is reliable and affordable now. Not only that, it’s safe for workers and it doesn’t damage the air or the water that the sun heats.

That’s why instead of a huge expensive advertising campaigns, solar companies need large public symbols of solar. Having solar hot water and solar PV on the White House is that large public symbol. It says that America is once again and permanently committed to clean energy. (Jimmy Carter had solar hot water panels on the White House, but they were later removed after he left office.)

So far the White House has not responded to our offer, but you can help. Please take the time to join the facebook page. There is also a petition site started by one of the other contributors, Sungevity. We have a goal of raising 10,000 signatures and FB fans.

Add your voice. Tell your friends. Share this post on Face Book. Tweet about it. Get the word out and tell the White House to accept our collective offer and this symbol of energy independence for our nation.

Thank you,

From everyone at Free Hot Water

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