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Good Solar Hot Water News From Idaho. Bad News From Texas

We hate to be the bearer of solar bad news…. So, first we’ll be the bearer of solar hot water good news!

In the great state of Idaho, the Questar gas utility has just launched a new residential and multifamily incentives for installing solar water heating systems.

Customers of Questar who have a current gas backup water heating system will receive a maximum $750 rebate. Unlike many solar water heating rebates, the Questar rebate can also be applied to solar pool heating. On top of that, customers can also receive the 30% Federal Investment Tax credit (ITC); however, this Federal incentive will only apply for home water heating, not for the pool heating.

The only other requirement is that the system needs to be SRCC OG-300 rated. As it happens, Free Hot Water’s OG-300 lines are all on the utility’s list of qualifying OG-300 systems.  Go figure.

As for Texas, well that’s the bad rebate news. Solar hot water installers have until December 9, 2011 to complete all installations and submit paperwork to be eligible for an Oncor Electric rebate. The program is no longer accepting any more applications and is being discontinued for 2012.

That’s a significant incentive loss for Texas businesses and residents that heat their water through electric water heating tanks. The incentive gave customers between $1,400 and $2,700 for an OG-300 installation, while commercial entities could receive up to $6,500 for larger OG-100 systems.

Federal incentives, such as the 30% Federal ITC, still remain in effect, but once again, this incentive can only be applied to residential or commercial solar water heating applications, not for pool heating.

We urge Oncor to consider refunding this program, since electric water heating is an expensive and inefficient way to heat water.

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