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Have You Noticed Free Hot Water’s New Website?

Explore Free Hot Water’s new website.


If you’re a regular visitor to the Free Hot Water blog or a longtime subscriber to our monthly newsletter, you’ve probably just noticed a big change: Recently, we launched a brand new look for FreeHotWater.com. Our new website is designed to reflect all of our services for the solar thermal industry, particularly on the engineering side.

We already have a terrific reputation for being a distributor of high quality solar thermal products from around the world, but that’s just one part of our company. Our roots are in design and engineering.

That is, Free Hot Water’s co-founder and CEO, Gal Moyal, has been a long time mechanical engineer for decades, and our new website reflects those roots, highlighting more of our solar thermal engineering services.

Some dealers and project developers don’t realize that Free Hot Water has always offered multidisciplinary engineering and design services for commercial, industrial, municipal, government, and residential solar hot water applications.

Another service that Free Hot Water provides is light manufacturing of solar thermal products for manufacturers and large scale developers. The Free Hot Water team of engineers can design and assemble crucial solar thermal components, such as pump stations, heat exchangers, and manifolds, allowing installers and developers to focus on their installation without worrying about having to design custom pump stations that work for a particular size project or commercial application.  

That’s really what we’re all about: Making solar thermal simple for installers, architects, contractors, and developers. How? We do this by providing:

While our new web design is now emphasizing our solar thermal engineering side, we’ll still continue to distribute quality, tested solar thermal products for installer’s residential and commercial projects.

So, thanks for visiting our new website. We hope you like it. We’re still tweaking and adding to the site, but we hope the overall experience is more attractive, easier to use, and helps to remind you that we provide a full array of solar water heating solutions, including engineering and design.

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