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Hey, Installers: Three Solar Hot Water Videos You Can Use For Your Web Site

As a manufacturer and distributor, we certainly want our solar installer and distributor partners to succeed. One of the most effective ways to sell anything these days is with video.  Video is of course more visual than text, as like the saying goes, a picture is worth a 1000 words. With video, it’s worth at least 10,000.

Each video is able to be embedded on your own web site. Simply go to the end of each video and cut and copy the HTML code into a page of your web site.

The first two videos are brief demonstration videos of our Free Hot Water racking systems for our solar collectors. This is a great way for installers to show customers how simple it is to construct the racking on the roof of either a commercial installation or a residential one. For our distributors, these videos are a great way to demonstrate to customers how easy it is to install solar thermal solutions with either commercial and residential racking systems.

Videos #1: Residential Solar Hot Water Racking Demo

Video #2: Commercial Solar Hot Water Racking Demo

Video #3: A Feel Good Video about Solar Thermal and Solar PV

Free Hot Water is a member of SEIA, the Solar Energy Industry Association, which has created several videos to promote how solar is growing through America. Below is the West Coast segment, which mentions and shows several solar hot water systems. The video doesn’t mention any particular brand or company. It’s just a good video to show customers that solar is already at work in America.

How to implement these codes on your Web site:

  • At the end of each video, you’ll see three boxes.
  • The bottom box has a code that corresponds to the video.  You’ll see “object style…”
  • Simply copy and paste that code into your own Web site or blog. If you don’t know HTML formatting or have an easy to use Web site platform like Word Press, you may need to have someone position the videos correctly, but they should feed automatically from YouTube.
  • You should add some kind of brief introduction to each video, as I did. “Here’s an assembly video of Free Hot Water’s residential racking system. As you can see, assembly is simple and fast.” Etc.

Feel free to use these videos and spread the word about solar and Free Hot Water’s simple solar thermal solutions. If you’d like to see more details about our solar products, including instruction manuals and specifications, sign up to become a Free Hot Water partner-installer.


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