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How Texas Measures Up for Solar Hot Water Rebates

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Despite Texas being known for its oil, Texas utilities are not so shy when it comes to solar water heating incentives. Though not as generous as Arizona or California programs, they typically provide around $1000 towards mostly residential solar thermal systems backed up by electric water heating tanks, and occasionally gas.

In addition to the utility rebates, residents or commercial owners can receive the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which expires in 2016.

Here’s the Texas lowdown on utility solar thermal incentives.

Austin Energy – Solar Water Heating Rebate

Sectors: Residential or Commercial

Maximum Amount:

  • Existing Homes, $2,000; New Homes, $1,500
  • Commercial: “Determined on a case-by-case basis”

Bryan Texas Utilities – Solar Hot Water Rebate Program

Sectors: Residential or Commercial with electric tank backup

Maximum Amount:

  • New construction, homes or buildings: $1,000
  • Existing homes and buildings: $1,500

CPS Energy – Solar Hot Water Rebate Program

Sectors: Residential or Commercial with electric tank backup

Maximum Amount:

  • $0.60 per kWh saved annually, up to $2,000 per account.

Denton Municipal Electric – GreenSense Solar Rebate Program

Sectors: Residential or Commercial with electric tank backup; existing homes only and system must be large enough for a family of 4.

Maximum Amount:

  • $300 per structure, up to 50% of installed cost (It is unclear what is defined as a “structure.”)

Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative – Renewable Energy Rebates

Sectors: Residential or Commercial with electric tank backup;Solar Water Heaters:

Maximum Amount:

  • $1,000/”unit” (Unclear weather “unit” refers to entire system or collector)

New Braunfels Utilities – Residential Solar Water Heater Rebate Program

Sectors: Residential only and must be installed by NABCEP contractor.

Maximum Amount:

  • $0.265/kWh up to $900

The City of Sunset Valley

Sectors: Residential

Maximum Amount:

  • 30% of project cost up to $2000

Texas Gas Service – Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Sector: Residential with Natural Gas Backup

Maximum Amount:

  • $750

Regardless of the offered incentives, Texas apartment buildings, hospitals, hotels, prisons, and other multi-unit dwellings with central water heating systems will almost always see a return on their investment on a solar thermal system.

In addition, new solar air conditioning can dramatically reduce cooling costs in the long hot days of Texas summer. Contact our solar engineering department to learn more about solar thermal applications for air conditioning.

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