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If The Seattle Aquarium and Fenway Park Have Solar Hot Water, So Can Any Venue

Fenway Park's solar hot water panels

Fenway Park’s solar hot water panels

One of the best ways to break a few myths about solar hot water is to show how well known icons are installing solar thermal systems. For example: The Seattle Aquarium and the big green Boston Monster itself, Fenway Park.

Since I was born and raised in New York City, I have to admit that it’s extremely difficult for me to publicly commend the Boston Red Sox for doing anything, but I’m going to make the exception for the sake of solar hot water.

Way back in 2008, groSolar installed 28 Heliodyne solar hot water collectors and four 400 gallon storage tanks that will be tied to Fenway’s existing water heating system. The solar-heated water supplies the park and its restaurants on the lower levels, and reduces the park’s annual carbon dioxide emissions by roughly 18 tons.

So, if you ever hear of commercial businesses in the Northern U.S. think that solar hot water won’t work with the cold, snow, or any inclement weather, then direct them to Fenway Park.

Similarly, Seattle isn’t known for having a lot of sun, and yet, the Seattle Aquarium still installed 5 solar thermal collectors to offset the hot water needed for its restaurant and commissary, courtesy of Seattle’s A&R Solar.

And don’t forget how Milwaukee Brewing Company is installing solar hot water collectors for use with cleaning and sanitizing its brewery vats, as well as for pre-heating water for making its famous brew. Once again, snow and cold is not a factor there.

Bottom line, solar professionals know that solar thermal works in cold and cloudy weather, but consumers and business owners may not. As part of the solar industry, it’s important for all of us to spread the word about these (and other) famous commercial solar thermal success stories. So, please feel free to share this post and spread the word.

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