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Installers, Contractors & Dealers

Free Hot Water offers complete design and engineering services for the solar thermal industry. We also distribute tested and certified high quality solar thermal products from the United States and around the world.

Solar thermal design, drafting & permitting services

  • Solar Thermal System Optimization –Design, engineer, and optimize your solar water heating system based on the customer’s current needs and applications.
  • Solar Thermal Site Assessment and Flow Analysis – Free Hot Water can electronically “build” your solar hot water project, allowing customers to review details before actual construction.
  • County & City Blueprints – Your time is valuable. Free Hot Water’s team can confirm all applicable rebates and efficiently submit your building permit with blue prints and all other required paperwork.
  • Customized Solutions – From off grid to process heat, Free Hot Water’s innovative solar thermal engineers can design an efficient, solar thermal solution that is works.

Solar thermal products

Free Hot Water carries thousands of solar thermal products and components made in America and around the world, including SRCC-rated collectors, pump stations, tanks, controllers, heat exchangers, flex hose, expansion tanks, and much more.