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Introducing our new solar thermal cost calculator… plus bonus calculators

Our New Solar Thermal Cost Estimator… and More

“How much?” That’s perhaps the most frequently asked question in the solar business. Customers are always asking about the cost first and the technology, quality, and durability later. Okay. Fine. We get it. So, that’s why Free Hot Water has introduced a new solar thermal cost estimation tool.

Although solar thermal rebates change often in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, we receive state update news almost every week, so we’ll keep our rebate and incentive numbers as up to date as possible, give or take a few days.

Among the calculated data in our new estimation tool, you’ll receive these “bottom line” solar hot water cost figures:

  • Solar Thermal System Price (est.)
  • Estimated Installation Cost
  • State Tax
  • Total System Installed Value
  • State Rebate
  • Federal Tax Credit – (30% of installed cost)
  • Possible 179 Deduction*
  • Federal Tax on State Rebate*
  • Possible MACRS State Depreciation*
  • Total Estimated Net Cost
  • Estimated Annual Savings $
  • ROI (Return on Investment) Years

* Check with your accountant

Please keep in mind that the final estimated cost figures in our calculator are customer retail numbers. Your labor and final costs will  be less as one of our partner installers, so sign up now if you aren’t one already.

On the same web page, you’ll also find several other new solar installation calculators. Once again, Free Hot Water wants to make your engineering, installation and sales process easier, so we’ve created the following new calculators:

If you have any questions or comments about the above calculators, please contact us or leave a comment below! Thanks.

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