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Invitation to Solar Power International 2012 in Orlando

SPI is always a great time to discuss solar hot water industry trends, as well as the solar thermal design engineering challenges of your upcoming projects. Chief solar thermal engineer Galy Moyal and COO Paul Burrowes will be on hand to discuss solar thermal solutions for various applications.

We’ll also have models of Free Hot Water’s custom made pump stations, heat exchangers, controllers, and solar thermal tank options on display, as well as sample blue prints.

Stop by and let us give you a personal tour of how Free Hot Water designs and engineers commercial solar water heating projects for hotels, resorts, apartment buildings, hospitals, breweries, and other solar thermal applications. We’re at Booth 4275, and since we’re innovative solar thermal engineers, it’s appropriate that we’re right next to the SPI Innovations section.

If your project is in California, you can also pick up a summary of the changes just passed in the CSI Thermal program. Having just designed and engineered the largest CSI Thermal system in California to date, Free Hot Water is one of a handful of experienced CSI Thermal design and engineering teams that can help green contractors, and LEED architects, and installers to expertly move CSI solar thermal projects through design, engineering, blue prints, permitting, and procurement.

So, whether your solar water heating project requires drainback or closed loop, evacuated tube collectors or flat plate panels, stop by Free Hot Water’s Booth 4275 to discuss how we can engineer a cost-effective solar thermal solution that works.

(We’ll also have a limited supply of Free Hot Water tee-shirts on hand to give away. Email us and let us know you’re stopping by. We’ll reserve one for you.) See you at the show!

The Free Hot Water Team

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