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Is Solar Hot Water the Answer to Saving Money or Climate Change? Does it Matter?

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There’s a great deal of debate in the United States about whether climate change is a threat to life as we know it or hoax by some kind of fantastic scientific conspiracy.

I’m not going to debate climate change on this blog. If you want to debate climate change, then do it with the experts at the CIA, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the consensus of all of the major National Science Academies of the World, including China, India, and Russia.

Suggesting that all of these entities are working together to invent some kind of international fraud is a bit far fetched, but okay, say they’re all wrong.

In terms of solar hot water for major hot water consumers like hotels, apartment buildings, and laundry services, it doesn’t matter. Because while you may not care about climate change, you do care about saving lots of money.

For example, last week, we showed just one case study of how a medium sized California apartment building could save $16,000 a year by switching to a solar thermal system. (At a net cost of about $40,000 after all of incentives, the payback time is 3 years!)

Perhaps that’s hard to believe, but I’ve double checked these numbers with our Free Hot Water engineers, and they stand by those numbers for the given example.

My point is that as a landlord, hotel owner, or fitness center operator, you may have your doubts about global warming, but you at least have to believe in saving money.

Still skeptical about the benefits of solar water heating? Then please contact us. As we did in the case study, we’ll show you the numbers for your business and explain how we got those numbers. Worse case, you lose an hour and learn about solar hot water.

Then, even if you don’t believe in climate change, you can still help the planet by believing in going solar.

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One Response to Is Solar Hot Water the Answer to Saving Money or Climate Change? Does it Matter?

  1. GetSolar says:

    Hi Solar Fred,

    Thanks for this post! It’s so important for people to realize how much financial sense solar hot water investments make aside from the environmental benefits they create. Excellent point.