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Little Products and Tools Mean A Lot When Installing Solar Hot Water

Free Hot Water is increasingly becoming known for our quality lines of solar collectors, tanks, and pump stations, and OG-300 systems. That’s the bread and butter of installing solar thermal, and we know that.

Yet, there are little parts, tools, and accessories that also make installing solar hot water possible—if not just easier—and we’d like to call your attention to the more useful tools and accessories in our online catalog.

Before we get into that, don’t forget our free online solar installer tools, such as our Free Hot Water Solar Collector Estimator.  Enter a few quick inputs, and you’ll get an estimated number of needed flat plate collectors for just about any commercial project. We hope you’ll use this and all of our other online solar hot water estimator tools. It’s why they are there.

In terms of our Free Hot Water catalog, one of our most useful, effective, and affordable items is our helical flex hose that solar thermal installers use lieu of copper piping. Heat resistant to 804°F, assembly on site is quick and simple with a super heat-resistant 662°F graphite thread-assembly fitting. The insulation on the pipe is heat resistant to 356°F, UV resistance nylon cover. Of course, the helical corrugated flexible tube inside is approved by IAPMO, UL, and by the German and Korean standards, too. It really does make installing solar pipes simple—without compromising on quality.

Especially for commercial solar thermal applications, you need a reliable solar insolation and shade analysis tool. One of the most well respected solar site evaluation tools is the SunEye 210 all-in-one, handheld. It includes an electronic inclinometer, compass, optional integrated GPS, digital camera with fish-eye lens, and a “what if” editing feature, which allows evaluators to edit sunpath obstructions and add new scenario storage. This is great for projecting the potential of cutting back or eliminating trees or other sun obstructions. A very innovative, useful, and complete tool.

For more inexpensive little things that mean a lot, we strongly urge you to browse our selection of Weicon industrial adhesives, epoxies, lubricants, and sprays.  These industrial grade products are manufactured in Germany and used globally in factories and industrial machine applications with extreme temperatures. So, they’re also appropriate for the extremes of relentless, high heat annual sunlight. From anaerobic adhesives to anti-seize solutions, elastic adhesives, and much more, these Weicon products just work. Even better, they’re useful for both general plumbing and solar hot water applications. Try one, and we’re confident you’ll become true believers in the entire Weicon product line—like we are.

Those are just a few suggestions. Our catalog also has a commenting system, so please feel free to give us your opinions on the above products or any in our entire catalog. We sincerely appreciate your feedback, and your fellow Free Hot Water solar installers will too.

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