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Need Solar News on the Go? We’ve Got a New iPhone App for That.

Download the new Free Hot Water Solar News iPhone App!

As a national solar hot water company, the staff here at Free Hot Water reads many solar and renewable energy news sites. But to get our full daily buzz of solar info on the road, we were pressing tiny iPhone buttons and jumping from one site to the next to gather the day’s best solar news. And so we thought… there should be an iPhone app that brings it all together… And now there is.

Introducing the Free Hot Water Solar News App. We put together some of the most informative solar feeds  in one little, easy-to-use iPhone app. Download it, and  you’ll find some home-grown solar blogs, as well as online solar magazines, articles, jobs, and yes, our very own solar thermal blog that you’re reading now.

Specifically, The Free Hot Water Solar News App features the following nutritious solar feeds:

  1. Renewable Energy World
  2. Solar Thermal Magazine
  3. Greentechmedia
  4. Gigaom-Earth2tech
  5. Daily Energy Report
  6. Green-blog.org
  7. Green Collar Jobs
  8. Revision Energy
  9. Yahoo Green
  10. Free Hot Water
  11. Solar Feeds

How convenient, not to mention, free! And speaking of free, easy, and convenient, don’t forget to check out our new set of online solar calculators. As usual, we really want to give the best resources to our partner installers and distributors. Enjoy.

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3 Responses to Need Solar News on the Go? We’ve Got a New iPhone App for That.

  1. it now rests right next to angry birds on my iphone!

  2. Solar Fred says:

    That’s a great honor, Steve. Thanks! Now get those birds. :)

  3. Fred says:

    Hey, thanks so much for including us! Glad to hear we’re considered a top resource for solar news. While we focus mainly on Maine and New Hampshire, I hope the really exciting projects we get to work on and advocacy we raise is of interest to everyone in the industry.


    Online Marketing Manager
    ReVision Energy