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New Video: Our Solar Collector vs. ….a Pick up Truck

Here’s another video that Free Hot Water distributors and installers can use to help market solar hot water installations and our line of solar thermal collectors.

We call this video “Free Hot Water Solar Collector vs. Pick Up Truck.”

Free Hot Water OG-100 solar panels

A cut out of our 7000 series solar thermal collector

Many customers are concerned by hail or sleet or something shattering the 7000 collector’s glass plate. This video is the answer to those concerns.

We prove our solar collector’s glass strength by showing that it can withstand being run over by a 3000lb+ Toyota pickup truck.

As you’ll see, the video is brief, fun to watch, and also serves to educate your customers about some of the 7000 series specifications.

As one of our partner installers or distributors, we encourage you to use this video to impress your solar customers with Free Hot Water’s quality and durability. You might also use it as a comparison to the evacuated tube collectors.

Could be wrong, but we doubt any evacuated tube collector could match this test:

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