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Free Hot Water signs Agreement with Helios Solar to Distribute SOREL Thermal Controllers in the U.S.

Solar thermal manufacturer and distributor, Free Hot Water, announced today that it has signed an agreement with Helios Solar to distribute the SOREL TDC series of solar thermal differential controllers in the United States.

San Jose, CA July 26, 2010 — Helios Solar, based in Burnaby, B.C., Canada, is the North American manufacturers representative for SOREL, and its complete line of microprocessor-based solar thermal, heating and heat pump controllers. With the agreement, Free Hot Water can now offer the SOREL product line to its U.S. network of solar thermal installers.

“We’re very pleased to offer our installers and partner distributors SOREL’s line of solar thermal controllers,” said Paul Burrowes, COO of Free Hot Water. “Every component is important to a solar thermal system, and a quality controller is essential for managing the correct ratio of hot and cold water through the solar system.”

Sprockhovel, Germany-based SOREL Mikroelektronik, GmbH, offers five models of solar thermal controllers through Helios and Free Hot Water.

Each model features a large, backlit dot matrix LCD display and easy, push-button operation. The unit’s display shows the solar system’s current operating status and current configuration. Logged data can be displayed in clearly written text, as well as in a graphical representation, all without the need for a technical manuals or separate hardware.

TDC4 Free Hot WaterIn addition, the SOREL controller’s logged data can be stored internally for up to four years and can be viewed directly on the controller’s LCD display.

For safety and compatibility, the entire TDC series is certified to UL standards and available in both 115 VAC and 230 VAC versions for residential and commercial applications.

Some model-specific features include variable-speed pump control, east/west panel configurations, multiple storage tank control, vortex flow measurement, enhanced data logging, and fully integrated network interfaces.

Robert Walter, owner of Helios Solar said, “Helios is dedicated to providing our partners in the United States with affordable, quality products. Our agreement with Free Hot Water allows installers across the U.S. to easily purchase a SOREL’s highly regarded solar thermal controllers.”

About Free Hot Water

Free Hot Water, based in San Jose, California, offers affordable, high quality hot water systems for commercial and residential applications. Our products and systems are clearly distinguished by their integrated design, quality, affordability, and ease of installation. We feature our own SRCC 0G-100 certified collectors and exclusive mounting and racking systems, providing high quality, reasonably priced, solar thermal solutions for your business or home. We’re also a distributor of a wide selection of superior quality SRCC OG-300 systems.

Our in-house engineering department specializes in designing solar thermal systems for a variety of large scale commercial applications. We evaluate each project, and design custom systems that are optimized for the unique needs of your business. Free Hot Water’s extra-mile customer service also includes submitting all documents necessary for permits and help to get you all applicable financial solar incentives.

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