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Free Hot Water Solar Collector Receives SRCC OG-100 Certification

Free Hot Water, a leading commercial solar hot water manufacturing and distribution company has received the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation OG-100 Certification for its 7000 Series solar collectors.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) April 13, 2010 — Equipment must be certified for performance by the Solar Rating Certification Corporation (SRCC) to qualify for most state and federal rebates and incentives. Rebates and incentives can offset a substantial percentage of the overall cost of a solar thermal system. Currently, the federal incentive is a 30% Federal Tax Credit for an installed solar thermal system. Many states offer additional rebates which can add dramatically to the overall system savings; for example, the Free Hot Water collector qualifies for a greater rebate than it costs in some states!

FHW-FC7275A The FHW-FC7275A is a high performance thermal collector designed to maximize energy conversion into usable heat and designed for domestic hot water, space heating, pools, and large commercial applications. The highly selective absorbent coating and thermal insulation insure maximum heat transfer. Esthetically pleasing, and developed for performance, longevity and easy installation to the highest quality standards and backed by a full 10-year warranty.

The Thermal output of each collector is 1.64 Kw per hour, 28,000 Btu’s per panel per day; features an intelligent deep drawn aluminum tray design, selective absorbent coating and thermal insulation. The collector has high transparency low Iron tempered glass suitable for closed loop systems in roof, pitched or flat installation. This is the Mercedes of solar collectors!

About Free Hot Water
Free Hot Water engineers design custom systems for each unique application. Products include solar thermal panels, custom mounting systems, storage tanks, heat exchangers, circulation pumps, controllers & stations, insulated stainless steel flex piping, roof penetration systems, solar charging stations, tools, sealants, adhesives and cleaners.

Free Hot Water products are used by distributors, independent dealers, retail outlets, installers and contractors. Free Hot Water works with a worldwide network of distributors, independent dealers and installers to support Commercial, Residential and Municipal customers with purchasing decisions and installations. We are always looking for dealers and experienced professionals to work with us.

About SRCC

The Solar Rating and Certification Corporation currently administers a certification, rating, and labeling program for solar collectors and a similar program for complete solar water heating systems. Collector testing apparatus SRCC’s certification program operating guidelines, test methods and minimum standards, and rating methodologies require the performance of nationally accepted equipment tests on solar equipment by independent laboratories which are accredited by SRCC. The test results and product data are evaluated by SRCC to determine the product’s compliance with the minimum standards for certification and to calculate the performance ratings. Equipment which has been certified and rated by SRCC is required to bear the SRCC certification label which shows the performance rating for that product.

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