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Now you can have “Liberty,” “Freedom,” or “Independence” Installed on Your Roof

More solar water heating news from Free Hot Water HQ: The Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) has approved a total of 12 new OG-300 residential solar water heating systems manufactured by Free Hot Water.

The certifications include 12 closed-loop solar hot water systems. All models now qualify for solar thermal rebates in California and many other states.

In addition to the SRCC certifications, we’re announcing some memorable brand names:

  • Kits that include Free Hot Water’s 4000 series of solar collectors are part of the Liberty line.
  • Kits that include the company’s medium sized 5000 series collectors are part of the Freedom series.
  • Finally, kits that include the company’s larger solar collector, the FHW-7000 model, are now part of the Independence line.

Our COO and co-founder, Paul Burrowes, explained the reasoning behind the new branding. He said, “A lot of solar manufacturers just give their OG-300 systems a sequential number after their company’s name. We wanted our new kits to represent the homeowner’s desire to increase their energy independence—as well as their utility bill independence.”

As a result of the new branding, Free Hot Water’s national network of installers can now say that they install “Freedom,” “Liberty,” and “Independence” on their customers’ roofs.

The 12 various approved models of Liberty, Freedom, or Independence incorporate options for installing on a flat roof or a pitched roof. All approved systems feature:

  • Free Hot Water’s SRCC-rated OG-100 collectors (either FHW 4000 series, FHW 5000 series, or FHW 7000 series.)
  • A storage tank with a solar heat exchanger.
  • A pump station controller with temperature and pressure gauges, check valves, ball valves, fill and drain valves, and differential controller.
  • Flashing for preventing roof leaks.
  • Racking for flat or pitched roofs.
  • Freeze Protection via either a drain back system or a closed loop glycol system.
  • Ability to connect to either a gas or electric back up system.
  • Mounting hardware for the appropriate installation.

The OG-300 pre-engineered kits contain either two collectors for standard homes, while others are designed with three collectors for larger homes or small commercial applications.

All Free Hot Water systems include a 10-year warranty on Free Hot Water collectors, as well as limited warranties on other components.

For more information about our OG-300 lines, visit shop.freehotwater.com.


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3 Responses to Now you can have “Liberty,” “Freedom,” or “Independence” Installed on Your Roof

  1. Jamie says:

    I want some liberty and freedom on my roof! Sign me up!

  2. Solar Fred says:

    You might want to pay back your law school loans first, Jamie…or not! :)

  3. ShieLa says:

    LIBERTY and FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!! <3