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Solar Thermal Monitoring

See a live Free Hot Water solar thermal monitoring example for Toadal Fitness, a Santa Cruz, California based fitness center. View daily, weekly, or monthly output in a user- friendly graph.

Advantages for Solar Installer

Allows you to see your entire installed base — at a glance
Color coded icons indicate system status — green for OK, red for ALARM

  • Custom alarm configuration via the web based interface
  • Custom alerts and notices created by the installer
  • Google-maps based interface helps plan truck rolls
  • Totalized values (kW, kWh, kWh-th, Btu, Therm, etc) can be placed on the website for new customers to view
  • Performance based monitoring tracks actual vs. estimated performance
  • Carbon-equivalent values help drive home the point of solar energy!! (avoided tons of CO2)

Advantages for System Owner

Tracks the performance of your system, in easy to understand terms and graphics

  • System Performance graphics show daily, weekly, annual performance metrics
  • “Equivalent values” show the direct impact your system has on the planet:
    • Tons of Carbon avoided
    • # of trees saved
    • total carbon footprint impact
  • Mobile and iphone apps allow you to check your system from anywhere!

Solar Hot Water Monitoring System Overview

  1. Attach a temperature probe to the hot water output on your tank
  2. Attach a temperature probe to your heat exchange input
  3. Attach a temperature probe to your heat exchange output
  4. Connect to the controller to monitor the pump
  5. Connect the device to your Internet connection
  6. Optionally connect to the reheat coil

The Apollo1 monitoring system senses critical Solar Thermal (Hot Water) components automatically.

  • The unique 3 temperature sensors design measures the heat being added to the tank, 
  • and the tank temperature
  • Current Transducers measure when the circulation pump is running, as well as when the electric reheat coil is on (optional)
  • Btu values are calculated from system inputs
  • Auto Internet communications
  • Color-Coded wiring for added clarity
  • Uses customer’s own router, PLC (powerline carrier) bridge available for extra charge

Download Small Business Apollo 1 Brochure

Download Commercial Apollo 2 Brochure

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