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Residential Solar Hot Water Just Got Even More Affordable…

Thanks to improved manufacturing and distribution savings, Free Hot Water’s new line of OG-300 residential solar systems are now more affordable than ever. The lower prices are part of our ongoing campaign to bring affordable solar energy and utility independence to American homeowners.

Our COO and co-founder, Paul Burrows, explained in our press release, “Americans love the idea of solar hot water and energy independence, yet we still see so many empty roofs in California and across the U.S. that are perfect for solar hot water. The same can be said of plumbers and building contractors who may think that solar hot water is too expensive for their clients or too complicated. We’re working to change those misconceptions.”

Gal Moyal, Free Hot Water’s co-founder and Chief Engineer added, “In Europe, China, Australia, and Israel, they’ve always had to rely on energy imports, so they know the value of free hot water from the sun. There are solar water heaters everywhere abroad. Now, through more efficient manufacturing and distribution, we’re able to reduce our prices and incentivize our installer network to get the word out.”

All of our 12 new OG-300 systems are easy-to-install closed loop systems, suitable for flat or titled roofs. Only glycol, piping, and flex hoses are additional, as these parts will vary from home to home and the systems chosen. Veteran plumbers and contractors need only experienced training to add solar water heating to their list of services.

Whether you’re new to solar hot water or a veteran installer, we welcome you to create an account to see our new reduced prices. We sincerely believe they’ll make a difference and inspire people to spread the word about solar hot water being more affordable, especially with state and local incentives.

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