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6 Videos to Engineer a Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Dinner

At Free Hot Water, we’re always thinking of ways to engineer things to be simple and to work, especially solar water heating. Sadly, engineering the perfect Thanksgiving dinner is not something we can do with CAD software or calculators, though we thought about it….

Instead, we’ve searched Youtube for some popular Thanksgiving Dinner videos to help you design and engineer your own quick and easy Thanksgiving feast at the last minute.

We hope they help, and we’d also like to take this moment to say how thankful we are for our customers and our employees.  We wish you all a warm and happy Thanksgiving…. with or without solar heated water! 

First, prepare and thermal engineer the turkey:


Next, while the turkey is cooking, design your table. No blue prints or permitting required:

Mmm. Gotta have me some garlic mashed potatoes:

Sweet potatoes, anyone? Here’s a salty-sweet mix. Sweet potatoes wrapped in prosciutto.

This string bean video has less to do about cooking green beans and more to do with the vectors that can be created from cooking greenbeans. So, it probably won’t help with Thanksgiving, but it’s great green bean engineering, so we’re including it anyway.


That turkey should be ready about now. Sharpen your knife and engineer the perfect turkey carving by following this video from Whole Foods:

Bonus video: Here’s how NOT to engineer a Thanksgiving dinner:

Hope those all helped! Happy Thanksgiving!

The Free Hot Water Team

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