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Solar Hot Water Basics: What’s a Residential OG-300 System?

When buying a residential solar thermal system in California and most other states, homeowners are required to purchase a solar water heating system that is essentially an “all-in-one” solar kit known as an OG-300 system.

By all-in-one, it means that the kit includes tested solar panels (sometimes known as “solar collectors), tested storage tanks, and has everything else needed to safely install a solar hot water system for a U.S. home.

If a homeowner doesn’t purchase a OG-300 solar thermal kit, then most states and/or utilities will not issue a rebate check. So, while people may find relatively inexpensive systems from China that are not OG-300 certified, these systems will not qualify for the state rebate or the Federal government’s 30% investment tax credit

So what’s the big deal about OG-300 solar systems?

“OG-300” is a certification by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC).  The designation and seal is given to each model of a solar hot water kit. The OG-300 SRCC seal essentially verifies that a pre-engineered residential solar thermal system has been tested and has been proven safe, effective, and will deliver a certain amount of solar energy on a typical sunny day.

Free Hot Water sells wholesale SRCC certified OG-300 solar hot water systems to solar water heating installers across the U.S. Recently, we’ve launched a pilot program, selling OG-300 kits directly to consumers in the PG&E Silicon Valley area.

When directly purchased by consumers, Free Hot Water refers the buyer to one of our Certified Free Hot Water solar hot water installers who will pick up and install the system at a special pre-negotiated price.

We think this OG-300 pilot program is a win-win for everyone:

  • It’s a win for consumers who can purchase an OG-300 solar hot water kit at a discounted price, plus qualify for California’s CSI Thermal rebate and the Federal 30% ITC. They also get referred to a certified Free Hot Water installer-partner.
  • It’s a win for Free Hot Water, who sells the OG-300 solar systems and the required blueprints.
  • It’s a win for our certified installers, who receive a free referral, reducing their marketing costs.

For more information on this program for the PG&E service area, contact breene@freehotwater.com.

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