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Solar Thermal and Hot Water News of the Week

Wisc. police dog sniffs out solar savings (Photo: Flickr/Beige Alert)

Well, it’s been quite a week for solar thermal and solar hot water/solar thermal news.

Of course, we first have to mention that our very own Free Hot Water 7000 Series panel has been approved by the SRCC for 0G-1oo applications. We’re very proud of our 7000 Series and it’s potential to make save apartment buildings and hotels a lot of money on their hot water costs.  Please see the details and specifications here in our press release.

In other news, Rhone Resch, the President of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), delivered the “U.S. Solar Industry Year in Review 2009″ report. Check out the full report here.  In terms of solar hot water and solar thermal, 2009 was a rough year for the solar hot water pool installations due to the economy. However, it’s expected that things will improve in 2010 with the economic recovery. The report also mentions California’s goal of installing 200,000 solar water heating systems with its new incentive. If you’d like to take advantage of that incentive, by all means, please contact us for a quote or use our solar thermal cost estimator.

Police in Wisconsin catch solar hot water…for their prison. It’s criminal that more government buildings aren’t taking advantage of solar hot water savings and stimulus funds. But not for La Crosse County law enforcement.  They applied for stimulus funds and were granted enough to install 32 solar hot water collectors on their Law Enforcement Center, which includes the County’s prison. The prison cafeteria, laundry, kitchen, and showers will all be able to take advantage of the solar hot water system, saving County tax payers many thousands of dollars over the next two decades. The payback will be within 10 years, says a county official. Read more.

That’s the most important solar hot water news of the week. If you want to make solar hot water news for your business or local government, please contact us for a free estimate. Thanks.

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