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Solar Thermal and Solar Hot Water News Around the U.S.

Guilford College in North Carolina is going all solar… for hot water. The college will install 188 solar thermal collector panels and create 9,000 gallons of heated water a day.  Way to go solar and save the college both money and add to its green reputation for sustainability.  Read more.

Similarly, in New England, Bowdoin College in Maine has been awarded a $50,000 grant from the Maine Public Utilities Commission toward the installation of a solar hot water project for its Thorne Hall. The project includes 24 glazed flat plate solar collectors, which will make up a 960-square-foot solar thermal array, and the piping to solar storage tanks. Read more.

Nantucket residents are starting to install solar electric and solar hot water systems on the resort island. In 2008, the Historic District Commission approved 10 applications for solar panels and wind energy conversion systems, and even more in 2009. Read more.

Green celebrity, Ed Begly, jr, is giving some great tips about solar hot water, solar elctric  (solar PV), and geothermal energy for your home, and more. He really lives what he talks about. Check out his interview.  Read more.

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