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Solar Thermal and Solar Hot Water News from around the Web

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Solar Fred loves it when utilities realize that the future is solar hot water and solar photo voltaics for homes and businesses. That’s why I’m glad to read that Valley Electric Association (VEA), a utility that straddles California and Nevada, is selling domestic solar hot water systems at face value to its residents. Read More.

Developers are also  starting to realize that the future is hear now with solar hot water. Down in Orlando, Florida, many homes heat their pools and home hot water tanks through very expensive electric water heaters. Not so for this new home, which is the model of energy efficiency, including a solar thermal system. Read More.

I also love it when very old, traditional, institutions like Appleton Farms, one of the oldest continuously operating farms in the country, is saying that they can still be modern and energy efficient. As a result, they’ve applied for and received a grant from stimulus funds. Appleton will be using some of the money to install solar thermal hot water systems on the old farmstead. Good for you, Appleton. Oh, and by the way, this installation is another example that breaks the myth that you can’t install solar thermal hot water systems in cold climates like New England. Read More.

If you have any questions about solar hot water or solar thermal systems for your home or business, please contact us. You’re also welcome to use our solar calculator to give you an idea of how much a solar thermal hot water system will save you.

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