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Solar Water Heating Rebate Update: Florida, Georgia, and the Virgin Islands

Here’s an update on the latest solar water heating incentives in the United States and its territories.

Tampa, Florida

Tampa Electric, a Florida utility, has launched a new rebate program for residential solar water heating systems. That’s good news for Floridians, who often rely on costly electric water heaters to heat water, a very inefficient system.

With the Tamp Electric program, residents will receive a $1000 rebate towards the installation of each solar water heating system. Naturally, there are requirements:

  • The solar water heating systems must be certified by Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) installation requirements.
  • Systems must be installed by licensed solar contractors or electrical contractor with solar certification.
  • There’s a total of $1.5 million budgeted for this program annually, but only $500,000 is reserved for solar water heating. The other $1 million is reserved for PV systems.
  • Installation has to be done in 2013, since the 2012 program is already oversubscribed.

Go to http://www.tampaelectric.com for more details.


It’s not as generous as Tampa, but something is always better than nothing. As part of its Touchstone Energy Home Program, the Coweta-Fayette Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) Utility is offering a $750 rebate for residential solar water heating in existing homes. For new homes, the rebate is increased to $1,250 – $1,500.

The incentives not only vary based on whether systems are installed in new construction or an existing home, but it also depends on whether the systems use an electric heat pump or dual fuel heat pump. View the program website for all equipment and program participation requirements. You can also find information on the utility’s energy efficiency page.

The U.S. Virgin Islands

Whether you’re talking about Hawaii, Costa Rica, or the U.S. Virgin Islands, energy is expensive because all conventional energy for power plants has to be imported, typically oil or diesel based power plants. With solar PV and solar hot water, not only do you reduce your inflated energy bills, but of course, you contribute to less pollution and global warming in these islands’ environments.

So, it’s great that the U.S. Virgin Islands are offering a solar water heating incentive of $1000 for SRCC rated OG-100 solar collectors. For the OG-300 solar kits, residents can receive an additional $250 for a total of $1,250.

Other requirements include that the solar water heater has to have a solar storage tank of 120 gallons or less and the equipment must be purchased from a local vendor. More information is at the Virgin Island’s Energy Office at 4101 Mars Hill on St. Croix (call locally 713-8436) or in Tutu Park Mall on St. Thomas (locally, 714-8436).

That’s the solar thermal rebate news of the month. Of course, if your clients are U.S. citizens, then all of the above can take advantage of the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit. You can also review existing solar rebates in other states here.

Meanwhile, if you need any solar thermal design, engineering, or other solar hot water product advice, please contact us. We sincerely want to help.

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