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The Free Hot Water Blog’s Word Cloud Revealed

If you’ve ever doubted that we talk about solar thermal energy and solar hot water here on the Free Hot Water blog, here’s visual evidence that we’re very serious and persistent about having a serious interactive conversation about the solar thermal business. The following “word cloud” is generated from a free program called tagxedo.com. They create it based on the content of the blog posts that are currently visible on this web address (www.freehotwater.com/blog).

In terms of our main site (www.freehotwater.com), the word cloud generated looks like this:

We sincerely want to be a resource and a source of information for the solar water heating industry. So if there are words that you think are missing from the above word clouds, please let us know in the comments below. Then, the next time we do a word cloud, we hope those suggested words will be more prominent, as well as our services.

If you’d like to see what subjects you’ve been discussing on your own blogs and social networks, go to tagxedo.com and create your own word cloud. You might be surprised about what you find…or not.

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