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Video: “The Story of Broke” Highlights Solar and Other RE as Solutions for Our Economy

“The Story of Broke” is the latest in a series of clever animations from the “Story of Stuff” project, developed by artist and simple living author and activist, Annie Leonard.

In the past, Ms. Leonard has done short animated videos about The Story of Stuff, about America’s obsession with stuff that we throw away; The Story of Electronics about what happens to our old electronics that we throw away, as well as another clean energy favorite, The Story of Cap and Trade; and more.

In her latest video, The Story of Broke, below, Ms. Leonard takes on the oil, gas, and nuclear folks and shows how they’re a source for why America is broke, which includes the hidden and not so hidden subsides we keep doling out to the oil, gas, and coal companies. She then highlights how solar and other renewable energy technologies can be job creators today and for our future.

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