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Video: Williams Selyem Winery Explains How Valuable Solar Thermal Is

Many California vineyards today are using solar PV (electric) panels to offset the electricity used in their vineyard and tourist operations. Mainly, wineries use solar PV panels to reduce the cost of their water irrigation operations. These powerful pumps use electric pumps to irrigate their vineyards. But solar hot water solutions can also play an important roll in a vineyard’s sustainability efforts, while also reducing operating costs.

The video below gives an overview of how solar thermal technology is used in its winery operations.  Functions include cleaning and sanitizing barrels, as well as cleaning and sanitizing the bottles before filling them with Williams Selyem’s famous California wines.

To do so, wineries traditionally use expensive propane gas to heat water for sanitization, but now solar hot water provides an affordable and cost-reducing alternative. Even without incentives, solar thermal makes financial sense compared to propane. With incentives, installing solar thermal is even more attractive.

Solar Thermal Incentives for Wineries

Like any commercial endeavor, California wineries can take advantage of the California Solar Initiative Thermal (CSI Thermal) program, a rebate that can give wineries up to $500,000 towards installing a solar hot water system.

In addition, California Wineries are eligible for the Federal Government’s 30% Income Tax Credit, which gives a tax credit of 30% off the installed system cost. In addition, wineries may receive additional tax benefits, such as accelerated depreciation of the new solar thermal asset.

Not in California? Check your state and utility’s local incentives to find out about available incentives in your area.

In the meantime, please raise a glass to Williams Selyem Winery for going solar thermal!

If you’d like to know more about how your vineyard can go solar thermal, please contact us, and our Free Hot Water engineering team will be happy to answer your questions.


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