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When Solar Installers Need a Solar Thermal Engineer

Although Free Hot Water offers OG-300 residential systems and pre-engineered commercial solar thermal systems, solar hot water design and engineeringthere will still be times when solar thermal installers and construction firms need a solar thermal engineer.

Sometimes it’s as simple as freeing installers from putting together the design and submitting permits for a simple pre-engineered project. Other times, our solar thermal engineers can help installers and facilities assess if solar thermal is even right for a particular building or a new solar thermal application.

For example, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to become more sustainable and show their environmental stewardship. While many facility managers know that solar energy can heat water, few realize that solar thermal technology can now be designed to heat air and even provide solar air conditioning, reducing heating and cooling costs.

Free Hot Water solar thermal engineers can examine a client’s existing infrastructure and heating and cooling needs, then determine the best and most cost-effective solar thermal solutions. In fact, we often find design and engineering solutions that accomplish far more savings than the client realized was possible.

Free Hot Water is also technology agnostic. That is, whether or not installers use our products, our solar thermal engineers can design systems using any OG-100 approved solar collectors and other components.

Another reason to use an engineer is for flexibility. As engineers, we not only consider the needs of a building today, but we also think about the future. As a result, we create simple and flexible designs that allow room for future expansion and the incorporation of new technologies as they become available.

We accomplish all of the above with the latest engineering software, as well as internally developed tools and software that is specific to solar thermal applications. This unique tool set lets us electronically “build” the solar system to its final design, allowing our customers to review project details before the actual construction takes place.

So, we hope you’ll consider us for your next solar engineering challenge, but whether or not you do, Free Hot Water still wants to help installers install solar onto as many roofs as possible. That’s why we’ve created a page of free online solar system design tools and solar thermal calculators. Please feel free to use them:

Solar Engineering Tools by Solmetric,

If you have any questions or would like a consultation, always feel free to contact us.

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