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Why are you in the solar business? Your answer could mean success or failure.

Below is a very interesting video about business leadership from the TED conference. If you’ve never heard of the TED conference, it’s a worldwide event that invites leading innovators to give 20 minute presentations about Technology, Entertainment, or Design (hence “TED”). Inventors, millionaires, celebrities, all present their ideas at every conference, from Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com to Al Gore and cutting edge scientists and other business leaders.

In this 20 minute presentation below, the speaker, Simon Sinek explores what makes Apple Computers successful and how it inspires its employees (and customers) while other innovators like TiVo and other companies fail. The gist for Sinek’s theory is that it’s not what you do that makes your company successful, but why you do it that leads to great wealth and success.

As Sinek points out, if you’re in business to “make lots of money,” that’s not the answer to “why?” Making money is simply the result of what you do and how you do it. Perhaps defining why you’re in the solar hot water business could lead to more innovation, creativity and persistence….which then leads to the result of making lots of money.

Sinek shows examples from business and history successes and failures that are all defined by leaders who knew why they were doing what they were doing–despite lack of money or power. Do you agree with his theory? Can you define why your company installs or sells solar hot water? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

As for Free Hot Water, our answer is in this video interview with our co-founder, Gal Moyal, speaking to Jennifer Runyon, managing editor of RenewableEnergyWorld.com. Gal speaks of why he started the company and reveals his genuine excitement for creative solar thermal engineering solutions and design.

With that purpose in mind, feel free to contact us and let us know how Free Hot Water can help your solar business bring creative, cost-effective solar thermal solutions to you and your customers. Or visit us in person at booth #4512 at Solar Power International 2010 in Los Angeles, October 12th-October 14th.

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