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Why Free Hot Water Wants Solar Collectors on the White House

By now you’ve probably heard that President Obama will be putting solar panels back on the White House.

If you’re new to reading this blog, then you might not realize that Free Hot Water was part of a coalition of 17 solar companies that offered the White House free solar systems and other services as 40th Anniversary Earth Day present to the Nation.

At first, the White House didn’t respond to the offer. Then, months later, after a creative social media campaign led by coalition partner, Sungevity, and the non-profit 350.org, the White House finally announced that solar would indeed be returning to the White House roof.

The White House is now in the process of issuing a traditional request for proposal (RFP), and Free Hot Water is proud to be offering its products and services for the White House bid.

Some readers may dismiss our enthusiasm for getting solar onto the White House as a publicity stunt, and to those critics we say…. You’re absolutely right, and here’s why:

  • According to The New York Times, since 2008, the oil and natural gas industry have spent $340 million dollars for lobbyists to influence solar legislation.
  • Solar companies don’t have that kind of money to influence solar policy.  Instead, we need stunts that inspire voters—and we need politicians like Obama to lead by example.
  • A public White House solar monitor will also educate consumers and businesses about solar technology and its economic savings.

So yes, Free Hot Water wants to be on the White House roof, and it’s not to make a sale, but to be the solar thermal company that inspires more Americans to be energy independent with safe, clean and affordable, solar power.

You can support our efforts by sharing this blog post with friends and families on facebook (join our page) and by spreading the excitement of solar returning to the White House roof in the Spring of 2011.

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