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About Us

Free Hot Water provides solar thermal engineering and design solutions to solar installers, manufacturers, architects, and contractors. In short, we design and engineer simple, cost-effective solar thermal solutions that work.

As engineers, Free Hot Water sees the potential for solar thermal energy everywhere, from apartment buildings, hotels, and other multi-unit dwellings, to process heat for industry, as well as solar thermal heating and cooling solutions for multi-unit housing, businesses, and government. High heat industrial applications can also greatly benefit from solar thermal technologies.From site assessment to design, blue prints, engineering, permitting using state of the art engineering software, Free Hot Water is an experienced full service engineer for the solar thermal industry.

As manufacturers, Free Hot Water assembles solar thermal pump stations, solar thermal storage tanks, heat exchangers, and manifolds for drainback and closed-loop commercial applications. We also fabricate customized mounting, fasteners, and racking systems that easily adapt any collector or component to U.S. building codes.

As procurement specialists, Free Hot Water tests and procures certified quality solar water heating systems, components, materials, and tools from the United States and around the world. Our in-house team of engineers have also pre-engineered a range of solar water heating systems for quick plug & play commercial applications for up to 60 collectors. For larger systems, we custom engineer systems designed for specific commercial applications. Browse our complete line of products.

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