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Solar Calculators

Free Hot Water Calculators
Solar Collector Estimator Estimate the number of Solar Collectors for a variey of commercial and residential applications.
Swimming Pool Calculator Complete Swimming Pool Calculator: Collector Panels and Sizing, Pump Controllers, Collector Row, and System Connection Kits.
Conversion Calculator Basic Conversions: Energy (BTU, kWh, Therms), Fluid (Gallon, Ml, Liters), Length (inch, mm, cm), Mass (lb, kilo, gram), Area (square feet, cm, meter), Temperature (Fahrenheit, Calsius, Kelvin)
Commercial Collector Spacing Calculator Spacing Solar Collector Array’s: Desired Degrees, Length, Pitched or Flat Roof, Height from roof, Supports, Location Latitude, and Distance to Next Solar Array.
Glycol Mix Calculator Based on Pipe Size, Length of Run, Number of Solar Collectors and the Fluid Capacity of the Collector; Calculate the Percent of Polypropylene Glycol Mix with Distilled Water.
Radiant Floor and Heat Loss Calculator Calculate the Heated Building, Basement, and Garage Envelope Walls, Doors, Windows for the BTU Requirements and the Number of Solar Collectors Needed.
Carbon Dioxide Emissions Calculator Gain an approximate idea of how many tons of carbon dioxide some of your activities generate and how many trees it would take to offset those emissions.
Annual Insolation U.S. Annual insolation is calculated by integrating the hourly TMY3 insolation values for the year at each tilt/azimuth combination.
Roof Azimuth Measurement Tool By clicking and dragging the mouse along the roof edge, draw a line along the edge of the roof in the direction you want to measure.
Compound Angle Tool The Compound angle tool is a free downloadable tool to help calculate compound angles for solar energy installations.
Latitude/Logitude Time Zone Calculator (Big File) – Calculate the Lattitude and Longitude of any zip code in the United States