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Solar Collector Estimator

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Solar Calculator Notes:
Input yellow fields and tab through for results!

Costs listed above are Estimated Retail Costs! Free Hot Water sells only to distributors and contractors and costs many vary.

The numbers above should be used as an estimation; your location, climate, age of existing water heater, building height and use may change the numbers. Free Hot Water is not responsible for the accuracy of the calculator.

Enter any flat-plate collector BTU and sq. ft. – Collector listed above is the 4×10 – 8000 series:

  • (FHW 7000 Series, 28,400 BTU, 27.67 Sq. ft.)
  • (FHW 8000 Series, 42,400 Btu’s, 40 sq. ft.)
  • (FHW 5000 Series, 23,100 BTU’s, 22.28 sq. ft.)
  • (FHW 4000 Series, 21,500 BTU’s, 21.86 sq. ft.)

Energy Source, enter “Natural Gas”, “Electric-kwh”, or “Propane-LP” and rate.
The Federal Tax rate calculates the depreciation schedule. A “non-profit” business cannot claim a Federal Tax Credit.

We try to stay up-to-date on all the state rebate programs, let us know if we need to update your state.

Please contact us with any questions. If you would like this calculator on your site, just ask and we’ll help you with the code.