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Engineering & Design Services

Solar Thermal Design and Engineering Services

Free Hot Water Engineering Services are available to all solar hot water system professionals, regardless of where you purchased your collectors or components. Our mechanical engineers, CAD specialists, and customer service representatives can assist you in meeting your design needs. We offer complete design services, including material selection, engineering analysis, thermal consideration, and blueprints.

Customized Solar Thermal Solutions

Using our design capabilities, Free Hot Water offers unique approaches to solar hot water system design, developing custom solutions to meet customer needs. For quick prototyping, we use our own tool set, including 4 axis CNC mills, manual lathes, grinders, and polishers. Because we offer design and prototyping, we can integrate our solutions into projects in record time.

System Optimization

Poor solar thermal system design wastes solar thermal potential and future energy savings. At Free Hot Water, we design and optimize systems based on our customer’s current needs and applications. We emphasize a simple and flexible design that allows room for future expansion and the incorporation of new technologies as they become available.

Flow Analysis

Using our state-of-the-art solar thermal engineering software and proprietary tools, a Free Hot Water flow analysis can provide project managers with a virtual flow analysis of solar projects, including:

  • Sizing and dimensions of control valves and equipment
  • Instrumentation and process control systems
  • Engineering and documentation

County & City Blueprints

Upon receiving confirmation of applicable rebates and incentives, and design approval, Free Hot Water can submit a building permit application with all necessary blueprints.

Site Information Checklist

Free Hot Water engineers will require some preliminary information in order to create accurate and complete design, engineering, and permit drawings for your solar thermal project. Download the checklist here.