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Solar Manufacturing & Design Services

Manufacturing, Prototyping, and Component Design Services
Free Hot Water’s engineering services include designing, manufacturing, and assembling crucial solar thermal components, such as pump stations, heat exchangers, and manifolds. For quick prototyping, we use our own tool set, including 4 axis CNC mills, manual lathes, grinders, and polishers. Because we offer design and prototyping, we can integrate our solutions into projects in record time.
Free Hot Water manufacturing services include:

Custom Designed Pump Stations

  • Integrated Solar Pump Stations 
  • Custom Pump Stations 2” and larger built for specific applications 
  • Stainless steel for drain back systems 
  • Pump stations for high temperature 
  • OEM options are available
  • Indoor and outdoor large commercial skid pump stations

Dual Coil Immersed Heat Exchanges

Our San Jose based mechanical and assembly engineers design and fabricate dual coil immersed heat exchangers with the following specifications:

  • 164 Ft. 3/4″ Models
  • 164 Ft. 3/4″ SS Dual Stacked HX without leg extensions 
  • 164 Ft. 3/4″ SS Dual Stacked HX with legs that extend to 28″ 
  • (2x 82′ per coil)
  • 42 lbs. 
  • 85,000 BTUs/hr 
  • 8 Gallons/minute

164 Ft. 1″ Models

  • 164 Ft. 1″ SS Dual Stacked HX without leg extensions
  • 164 Ft. 1″ SS Dual Stacked HX with legs that extend to 28″ 
  • (2x 82′ per coil)
  • 47 lbs. 
  • 135,000 BTUs/hr 
  • 18 Gallons/minute

In addition, Free Hot Water designs and manufactures manifolds for heat exchangers and solar water heating tanks.

Free Hot Water engineering and mechanical services are brand neutral. Our engineers have worked with leading solar water heating manufacturers and contractors from around the globe.

Contact us to learn how Free Hot Water can design and manufacture solar thermal components for your company.