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Solar Thermal Applications

Commercial Solar Thermal Applications

Solar thermal applications have been used for numerous applications around the world, from large apartment complexes, government facilities, and industrial applications. Using state-of-the-art engineering software and proprietary design tools, Free Hot Water can design and engineer solar thermal systems for numerous solar water and space heating applications, including:

Apartment Buildings, Condos, College Dormitories, and Multi-Unit Housing

Hot water may be free to tenants, but landlords and facility managers know that every bath, shower, dish washing, and laundry load counts towards their ever-increasing utility bill. Now, multi-unit dwellings can offset up to 70% of their annual water heating expenses through an efficient solar thermal system designed and engineered by Free Hot Water. We can also work with your existing roofing and plumbing contractors that already know your property.

Hotels, Motels, and Resorts

Hotel and resorts can utilize thousands of gallons of hot water for their guests. From linens and towel washing, to food service, and recreational facilities, solar thermal systems can dramatically reduce water heating expenses, while also promoting your business as sustainable.

Laundromats, Linen Services, and other Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities rely on huge amounts of solar hot water to wash clothes, uniforms, towels, napkins, and linen for food service. Solar thermal systems can offset a majority of solar heating costs for up 25 years or longer with little maintenance. 

Restaurants and Cafeterias

From boiling water to washing dishes and table cloths, restaurants and cafeterias can rely on free hot water from the sun to run through their dishwashers, on-site laundry machines, or tap water.

Fitness Centers and Spas

Guests will appreciate your commitment to the environment for heating pools, Jacuzzis, and showers with solar hot water. Owners will appreciate the cost savings from reducing the facility’s water heating portion of their gas bills.

Water Amusement Parks

Water parks use millions of gallons of heated water to keep their guests comfortable. Solar heated hot water can be designed to mix with cool water, creating a more sustainable park while reducing the park’s water heating expenses.

Wineries and Breweries 

A Solar thermal system can reduce the costs of washing and cleaning the inside of kegs and industrial beverage storage containers for breweries and wineries. Solar thermal can also be used to pre-heat processes that require boiling water.

Process Heat for Food and other Industrial Applications

Solar thermal can be used for numerous food processing applications through pre-heating the water to near the boiling point. Conventional heat raises the temperature to the boiling point, saving food processors millions of therms of natural gas heating. From dairies to chicken, pork, and beef processors, Free Hot Water can design and engineer a cost-effective solar thermal system that is cost effective, safe, and environmentally sustainable. 

These are just a few examples of commercial solar thermal applications. For a free evaluation of a solar hot water system for your business, contact us