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Happy New Year… Especially for Solar Hot Water

At long last, it looks like it’s going to be a great year for solar thermal, especially with some exciting announcements that can potentially boost your commercial solar thermal business.

We’ll have more details in the coming weeks, but here are the highlights that Free Hot Water Installers can look forward to in 2012.

  • New Solar Thermal Financing. In 2012 and 2013, financing will be much easier for Free Hot Water installers. More details soon, but the gist is that we have a new solar thermal financing solution that does not require any customer loans. If you’re a California or Arizona solar thermal installer with prospective customers that own apartment buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, laundry facilities, hotels, condos, or other multi-unit housing, stay tuned for a win-win financing solution that will allow many of these prospects to move forward.
  • Free Hot Water drainbacks. You asked for it and we have them. Free Hot Water drainback systems have arrived. In the next week, you’ll see the new listings in our Free Hot Water catalog. In addition to our SRCC OG-300 and closed loop solar water heating systems, we now have a complete line of solar thermal OG-300 drainback systems.
  • Free Hot Water is expanding and hiring. To meet the new demand for our new commercial solar thermal financing, Free Hot Water will be hiring solar thermal sales staff for California and Arizona territories, as well as solar thermal design engineers. If you know of anyone who’d like to join the Free Hot Water team, please contact info@freehotwater.com.

Happy New Year! 2012 is going to be a huge, terrific year for solar water heating. Stay tuned for more details about all of the above in the coming weeks.

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