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Useful Residential Solar Hot Water Video for PG&E Customers

Here’s a great video resource for PG&E customers in Northern California, Silicon Valley, and the surrounding San Francisco Bay area.

It’s a solar hot water video from PG&E that explains the benefits of residential solar water heating for homes, as well as for apartment buildings.

The video resource is in addition to the CSI Thermal program’s new solar hot water public awareness campaign, which recently launched a blitz of radio ads on NPR in California, as well as set up a California solar hot water information portal (www.waterheatedbythesun.com) for consumers.  

How much will solar hot water cost for you? That depends on a lot of factors, such as how many people are in your home, your PG&E utility bill, shading, tax considerations, and other factors. For a good guestimate, use our Free Hot Water calculator.

Have more questions about the CSI Thermal program and costs? Contact us, and let us refer you to a solar thermal installer in your area.



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